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Resources for gardening in Sonoma County

In this section you will find basic information on how to grow your own fruits and vegetables all year long in Sonoma County.

Planting guides

Garden materials and supplies

Check with your local hardware store or nursery for soil amendments and other garden supplies. If you need more specialized materials, look in the Yellow Pages under “Landscaping equipment Supplies” or “Irrigation Systems and Equipment.”

Testing your soil

If you’d like to test your soil for pH (level of acidity or alkalinity), organic matter, and macro and micro-nutrients, Harmony Farm Supply is a local agent for A&L labs, which performs these tests on soil samples that you submit. Call Harmony for information about the soil testing process and cost at (707) 823-9125.

First steps

Gardening how-to’s & soil care

Water-wise gardening

  • Water-Wise Food Gardening (pdf)
    How can you grow food without going over your water budget? This simple guide provides “just enough” watering tips and irrigation information.
  • Residential Rainwater Management (pdf)
    With more concrete and blacktop, it is harder for rainwater to replenish groundwater supplies. Fortunately there are simple low-cost actions that we can take to reduce runoff that can also beautify our gardens and property.
  • Greywater Information Brochure (10 MB pdf)
    A quick introduction to Sonoma County’s policies on using greywater from your house to water your garden.
  • Gardening with less water (10 MB pdf)
    Master Gardeners’ tips for using less water in the garden.