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Harvesting, Preserving, Sharing

After the hard but satisfying work of gardening – experience the pleasure of eating your own fruit and vegetables. When do you harvest your crop and what can you do if it ripens all at once? Be prepared! This page offers harvesting information and tips about how to preserve or donate and abundant harvest.


Harvesting Videos  video-image

Click on the links below to join local gardening expert Wendy Krupnick as she shows you how to harvest vegetables from your garden in a series of short videos.
(Special thanks to Russian River TV for video production.)


Gleaning: Collecting or donating excess produce

If you have more fruits or vegetables than you can harvest, eat or give away, please consider contacting a local gleaning group. They will come to your garden or orchard, pick whatever you would like to donate and take it to a local food pantry or soup kitchen to feed to others in our community who might be hungry or have limited access to healthy food.

Do you have a fruit or nut tree in your neighborhood that doesn’t get harvested? Consider asking your neighbors if you can help them pick the produce and share it withe the families in your neighborhood. Or ask them to contact a gleaning organization. Always ask first, since the owner may have plans to use their produce.

Gleaning organizations in Sonoma County

The following organizations have trained volunteers who harvest surplus produce from farms and homes and provide it to those who can use it.